Gem-infused Rollerballs

COMING SOON. We’re mixing right now but here’s a peek!

Gem Infused  Rollerballs








Gemstones? Is this WooWoo, pseudoscience or the placebo effect?

According to the Book of Stones, When we bring the crystal into our electromagnetic field, two things occur. The electromagnetic frequencies carried by the stone will vibrate with related frequencies in our own energy field through the physical law of resonance, creating a third larger vibration field. The nervous system is attuned to these shifts in energy and transmits this information to the brain. Here the frequencies stimulate biochemical shifts that affect the physical body and shift brain function.” (Simmons & Ahsian 2005, 28)

Plus, who are we to argue with these old and wise folks?

Ancient cultures from around the world have used stones and crystals for protection and healing.

The Ancient Egyptians~Ancient Greeks~Romans~The Hindu Vedas of India~Mayans, Aztecs and Incans~American Indians & Indigenous Tribes of Australia~Ancient Chinese~Ancient Japanese~Tibetan Buddhists ~Neolithic Man …

So whether you believe or not – it’s still fun and pretty and the stones help blend the oils when you shake. 

Go ahead and enjoy yours On The Rocks!

10 ml roll-on bottles ~ $13.00 each

100% pure organic essential oils using grapeseed as the carrier oil. Suitable for those with nut allergies!

Just click the boxes to order and we will blend your rollerballs pronto! That’s right – everything is handcrafted upon order to ensure freshness.


Bliss – Fill your soul with joy and happiness. Lift your mood and realize that you are amazing. Roll and massage on the bottoms of your feet, back of neck or hair for a quick pick-me-up! A blissful blend of organic Lemongrass and Sweet Orange

Chill – For all of those stressful moments in life. Roll and massage on the bottoms of your feet, back of neck or hair. Repeat some positive affirmations and breathe deeply and slowly. An all time favorite blend of organic Lavender, Peppermint and Clove

Focus – Oh yeah! Perfect for writer’s block or anything else that gets in your creative way. This is one of our best sellers too. Apply to your wrists where you can take a whiff as you work. A sharp and zesty twosome of organic Sweet Orange and Peppermint

Happy Happy Joy Joy – The name says it all. Apply to the bottoms of your feet, wrists or inner elbows for a blast of oomf! A high spirited blend of organic Peppermint, Sweet Orange and Clove

Feelin’ No Pain – for headaches, muscle & neck pain too. Roll this blend on your forehead, temples, base of neck and bottoms of feet. Heck – roll it all over your head. Beats aspirin and the side effects. A potent combination of organic Peppermint, Lavender and Frankincense

Just Breathe – Inhale – You don’t need a stuffy nose to love this blend. Use it to inhale all of the positivity that surrounds you. Apply to your wrists, head and neck to help clear nasal passages and unblock any hidden negativity. A cleansing trio of organic  Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and Lavender

Melt – For Anxiety. Mentally imagine those negative feelings melting away as you set your positive intentions. Roll this on the bottoms of your feet, wrists, inner elbows or back of neck. A renewing blend of organic Frankincense, Lavender and Sweet Orange

Snoozzz– Slip into sleep and forget counting sheep. Turn off your cell phone, pull the shades and roll this blend on the bottoms of your feet, your wrists, temples and upper lip. Stash it under your pillow and use right before you drift off. A sleep inducing blend of organic Lavender and Frankincense

Speak Up! – Our empowering blend to bring out your moxie! Roll this on your wrist, take a whiff, then ask for a raise, a date or jump on stage for that solo performance. Use whenever you want an extra touch of confidence. A proprietary blend of organic organic Clove bud and Peppermint

Pick Me Up – rev up your clarity – great for jet lag too – organic black spruce, lime, & grapeseed essential oils

Wake Up – start your day on the wild side with this sweet and zesty blend. A  zippy concoction of organic Lemon, Lime, Tangerine and Peppermint